Carol Lynne Smith1969, the year of the Stonewall Riots, Woodstock, Sesame Street and Me!    

I often feel that there was an energy in the Universe that year…A rebellious, hippie, animated energy and when I showed up, I absorbed that powerful energy, making me the free spirit I am today.

In 2009, while meeting with my Publisher, Claudette and my Creative Consultant, Craig, they came up with a name that they felt best described me; “The Hip Peace Chick” and somehow with the name came this freedom to own up to that and to be my authentic self. This is truly my daily goal; to live authentically and to inspire others to do the same.

I am not sure I can accurately retrace my steps back to the time when I began to understand my mission.  I do know that I woke up one day (although I wasn’t even aware I had been asleep) and I knew without any hesitation that I had a light inside of me that was not mine alone to keep. I had been given this mission…perhaps at birth; to spread some light in this seemingly dim world.  I have tried to do that with the people I come into contact with; both in person and through my writing, but then one day I stood in front of a crowd of people, holding a candle and speaking about the tragedy that took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  As I stood there with words pouring out of my mouth and sweat dripping down my face, I spoke about the need to come together as one community, no longer separated by the things that make us different.  I expressed the need for us to spread love and spread light by being both love and light.  My heart was aching because I knew that we mourned for people that we would have probably ignored had we seen them in the street or in a club.  I mourned because a girl I had just conversed with one day, committed suicide the next day and rather than try to connect with her when we met, I tried to avoid her because she made me feel “uncomfortable.”  I mourned because I had been given a mission years before and I had failed in moving at the proper pace to accomplish that goal.  I mourned because God had given me a voice and I was using it to sing instead of using it to speak out.  I mourned because I knew the responsibility was clear and I could offer no more excuses.

So here I am moving forward on this mission to spread love and spread light, by being both love and light and by inspiring and encouraging other women to do the same.

Why women…

In my heart I truly believe that we empower communities by first empowering women.  Perhaps this is just the Feminist in me, but I feel that this whole operation we call life has been built by women.  We love our guys, but women are the backbone of the community and until we accept that responsibility, we will continue in this stalled state.

And so here I am, on the verge of a revolution! A radical movement to spread love and spread light as if my life depends on it, because it absolutely does! Humanity depends on it! Every time I see another news story where humans are taking the lives of other humans, I can hear my spirit screaming; ENOUGH!
Does your spirit also scream ENOUGH?!

If it does then I urge you to emb(race) this revolution with me.

I am on a mission to spread love and spread light and if we work together, the possibilities are endless.