…and so we shall gather

It really was a last moment decision based on a few random occurrences.  I met a woman on the day of the Orlando, Pulse Nightclub shooting, and although she tried desperately to connect with me, I ignored her because she made me feel uncomfortable.  I had a few friends with me and they helped ‘rescue’ me from the woman.  The next day I was told that she attempted suicide and she was not expected to pull through…she did not.  I did not even remember her telling me her name, but I know that she did.  I was so focused on how I was feeling and blaming her invasion of my personal space on the amount of alcohol she had obviously consumed, and I was not focused on her at all.  I do not think for a moment that anything I could have said to her that day could have impacted her decision, but the guilt was still there…it still is.  On that same day, someone I care very much about attempted suicide, and I was able to get help to her and thankfully she is still around and in the process of healing emotionally.  I thought she would be angry with me for sending help, but instead, when I saw her, she gave me the best hug I have ever received from anyone.

A week or so later, I came into contact with one of my social media friends who told me that my post keep her encouraged and my interactions with her make her feel like somebody, as opposed to how she normally feels…like a nobody.  Around the same time, one of my friends was feeling discouraged thinking there was a rift in our friendship because I appeared distant.  I assured her the best I could that we were fine, but life simply had me distracted.


The writing was all over the wall.  It was time to reconnect, not only with my friends, but to be more present with the strangers that were making overt attempts to reach out to me.  I believe that society has conditioned us not to trust people and to remain guarded, but we cannot build bridges and build walls at the same time.  It was in fact time to tear down the walls and salvage the bricks to build a bridge.

I had what I thought was a brilliant, yet unoriginal idea.  I would gather the ladies together for a Girls Night Out.  I planned it for the next night and I had about 7 women RSVP.  That would have been a great turnout for such short notice.  To my surprise, we had about 20 women (and 2 men) show up for a night of drinking, eating, conversation and laughter.  Every single person told me how much they needed that outing, and we decided to do it again regularly.  What I realized was this…The “need” they had was not for a night out drinking and eating but the need was to connect with other humans.


This is not a new idea, it is in fact an oldie but a goodie.  We have become so accustomed to clicking “like” on someone’s Facebook post, and using that as a means to stay connected.  If we are going to heal humanity, then we must do so by gathering together in communion with each other; sharing meals, eating off each others plates, hugging each other, laughing at each others ridiculous jokes.  We can no longer simply write LOL, we need to actually LAUGH OUT LOUD!


A revolution based on loving each other back to emotional health.  Being there for each other, and listening to one another without judgement.  I am not naive enough to think that we can save everybody, but what if we can just save the one.  What if I had taken the moment that Sunday afternoon and listened to the human who tried to connect with me, rather than ignore her?  Could it have made a difference?  I will never know.  What I know is this, I am not willing to lose another soul to sadness.  I am not ok with one of my friends feeling like a nobody when I possess the power to make a difference.  I cannot take another call from a friend who feels sadness thinking that I am upset with them, when I’m not.


is to gather the women in my community and build bridges, and teach them how to build bridges, and learn from them how to build bridges.


is to encourage other women to do the same thing in their own communities.


is to empower our communities by empowering our women.


…and so we shall gather.


About the Author:

Carol Lynne Watson is an author and inspirational speaker with a mission to inspire women to live more authentically. Through her books, writings and blog; as well as workshops and one-on-one coaching, Carol seeks to inspire women to live outrageously! EmbraceTheRevolution.org

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