Laughter is good for the soul! I have heard that so often that I have begun to take it for granted.

Naturally I love to laugh.  I freely laugh when I hear something funny or when someone does something silly in front of me.  There are times when I literally laugh until it hurts.  But laughter isn’t just good for your soul, it is good for your health as well.  According to Psychology Today magazine, laughter reduces pain, and reduces blood sugar levels.  Laughter also improves your job performance and is the glue that holds relationships together.

There are Therapist that use laughter as therapy with the belief that laughter stimulates vital organs, improves your emotional and mental health, boost the immune system, releases endorphins, and relaxes tense muscles in your body.

Shortly after having major surgery, I watched a movie starring comedian Kevin Hart.  My abdomen had a long incision and I was quite sore from my procedure.  Within a few moments of the movie, I realized that I may have made a mistake because the laughter was causing me to feel more sore.  Despite the physical soreness, laughing made me feel better.  In addition to that, I quickly realized that by using my abdominal muscles, I was strengthening them, which was essential to my recovery.

Laughter is essential.  It is impossible to remain angry when you are laughing.  What would happen if in the middle of a heated argument with your partner, one of you did something to make the other person laugh?  How long do you suppose that argument would last?

Laughter is definitely great medicine.  Perhaps we should try that a little more often.