It was the first day of Spring, March 2015. I was in New York and despite the season showing on the calendar, there was snow on the ground. Winter was desperately trying to hang on, but Spring had arrived. I was walking through a park on a path lined with trees, absent of their leaves. Sitting on a branch of one of those trees was a singing bird. Despite the frigid temperature, the bird was sitting on a bare branch singing a rather festive tune. There was no evidence of Spring, but somehow she must have known it was, so she sang.

11 days from now, Spring will arrive. Many of us made resolutions at the start of this new year, and some of us fell short, but Spring is arriving. The season when flowers begin to sprout through the ground that is still covered with snow, and birds begin to sing again. Spring is the season for new beginnings and fresh starts. Spring is the season of fruition, renewal and rebirth. Those gifts you stored up during Winter, it is time to give them away. Practice is over, it is time to perform.

Write your mission statement, create your vision board, speak your affirmations into the universe and let the spring breeze carry your words towards the heavens.

Tis the season for bouncing back and springing forward. Resolve to make Spring the season of your reinvention; your metamorphosis. There is no statute of limitations on starting over.