A year ago, I began my journey of healing.  I was well on my way from physically recovering from my hysterectomy, but I felt so lost inside of myself.  I did not recognize the woman in the mirror and I was unfamiliar with the range of new emotions I was experiencing.

Guided by 2 trusted friends, Alison and Araba, as well as some angelic spirits I encountered along the way, I began my journey of self-discovery.  My surgery left me feeling like a new woman, and I was unfamiliar with the new me.  I became a student of spiritual Womb healing in order to heal myself.  I embraced every teaching as if it were the gospel! For me it was.  I was fortunate to find information and teachers, but it was not easy to find.  It took me a year of study and practical application to get to a place of understanding and healing.  It also took the patience and understanding of those around me.  I am grateful.

But, I am as much a teacher as I am a student, and I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to inspiring and teaching others based on the life lessons I have learned.  Understanding the nature of the spiritual Womb, and how to care for her is now my passion.  There is so much I wish I had known prior to my surgery, and so much I desire to teach others.  Womb healing is for women at all stages; those who are experiencing difficult Moon cycles, those who have had miscarriages or abortions, those who have given birth, and women like myself who dealt with horrible fibroid tumors, and also have had to have a medically necessary hysterectomy.

This year I look forward to the publishing of my new book on Womb Healing, but there is much to do before that.  I am in the process now of making products available for assisting fellow goddesses with their own spiritual healing of the Womb. I have received so much positive feedback from my first set of clients and I am excited about their progress, as well as my own.

I look forward to helping as many women as I can, through private sessions, workshops and other mediums as well.  This has been an incredible journey for me, and I am excited to share it.

Carol Lynne