Time is such a valuable resource, however not one that is renewable…

We all have a purpose; something we were created and designed to do.  We spend so much time thinking we have time, and before we know it, time is up! Where did the time go?

A Raisin in the Sun…

Lorraine Hansberry did what might have seemed unthinkable for a Black girl in 1959.  A successful play on Broadway, and she did so at 29-years old.  Historically, it seems unimaginable that this could happen during a time when just a few miles South, Black men and women couldn’t even drink out of the same water fountain as their White counterparts…yet here she was, on Broadway.  How did she accomplish this?  Perhaps she somehow knew she was running out of time.  She died from cancer a few years later at an incredibly young age.

“Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it.” Arthur Schopenhauer

As I sit here typing away at my desk, I am 49-years old.  I just recently finished a college degree I started 30 years ago, although I swear it was just a few years back.  Where did the time go?  I wasted so much time like the children of Israel, wandering through the desert because of disobedience.  Every year that went by, it felt like my goal was getting further and further out of my reach.  Then one day I decided it was time…there is that word again, “time.”

Two years ago this month, I lay in a hospital bed being told that my time was about up.  My time was up?  I had wasted so much time, wasting time and time was up! But I still had talents unused, and a degree goal unmet.  I knew that I could not die with my talents unspent. (See Matthew 25:14…)

Thankfully, I was restored and I was gifted with more time.  But what was I to do with it?  I surely couldn’t do what I had been doing, so it was time to do things differently.  A few days after I left the hospital, I did something I had never done before.  I prepared a large chart with my goals for that year.  I posted the chart on my bedroom door, and there it was every single day.  At the end of the year, I had either accomplished those goals, or in a few cases, I had made a large dent in them.

Having that chart posted kept me accountable to fulfilling my goals, and my goals were designed to help me fulfill my purpose.  It was a process.  I don’t dare make it sound like it was easy.  We have to work towards the fulfillment of our purpose.  We MUST put in the time and the work.


…but you should probably hurry

Carol Lynne