Have you been paying attention?

Right now our country is going through a period of uncertainty.  As of this moment, we are experiencing the longest government shutdown in our history, and real human beings are suffering.  People are genuinely afraid, and rightfully so.  This period is sure to test our resolve.

I saw a post recently from my friend Drew.  A big guy with a huge heart.  He wrote about having limited resources, but wanted to seek out ways to help those who were affected by the shutdown.  Another friend Starr, a Cosmetologist posted that she was offering free services to those federal workers affected by the shutdown, and not being paid right now.  There are many more stories like those.  A couple who described themselves as over 70, and retired offered to pay the mortgage for a young African-American couple who recently bought a home, and now affected by this loss of income.

The Civil Rights Movement was a time in our history, where people stepped across racial barriers to help others.  Then those rights were gained and for the most part, people retreated back into their own lives; and except for an elite few, most placed their focus back on the issues that personally affected them.  Now, here we are again going through a period that is surely testing who we are as humans.  People who may not be directly affected by this current period of darkness, are offering light to those who are impacted.

When we are seeking a why for why things happen, perhaps this would be the why for this period.  Humans need to be reminded of how strong we are, how kind we are, and how connected to each other we are.  We tell people who we are, but the test, and the ability to pass the test is when the truth comes to light.  We have a responsibility as humans to be the light in this sometimes darkened place.  if not us, who?

#spreadlove #spreadlight

Carol Lynne