The moon, the most brilliant object in the night sky…The last few nights it has been so close to us, it feels like you can just step outside, raise your arm, and touch it.  Last night (1/20/19), we experienced The Super Blood Wolf Moon. It was such a beautiful sight to gaze upon.  Despite the beauty of the Super Moon, the Moon can only remain humble.  The Moon is  dark and absent of its own light…She borrows her light from the Sun.

This is the same for us.  We are absent of our own natural light, our light comes from our Source.  God designed us to rely on Him for our light and He furthered that by surrounding us with amazing human beings who remind us of our purpose when our light seems to dim.  I see friends sending messages to other friends on social media, and I have even done it myself…We send a message and we let them know that we are sending both light and love.  Even without realizing it, we are sending them exactly the energy they need.  There are days when the people around us  are dim or absent of light, and with the world being so full of negativity, they are relying on us for that borrowed light.  We have a responsibility to be the light our friends need.

…and on days when we find our own light is dimming, the same friends will allow us to borrow some light from them.