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Carol Lynne Watson is an author and inspirational speaker with a mission to inspire women to live more authentically. Through her books, writings and blog; as well as workshops and one-on-one coaching, Carol seeks to inspire women to live outrageously! EmbraceTheRevolution.org

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Have you been paying attention?

Right now our country is going through a period of uncertainty.  As of this moment, we are experiencing the longest government shutdown in our history, and real human beings are suffering.  People are genuinely afraid, and rightfully so.  This period is sure to test our resolve.

I saw a post recently from my friend Drew.  A big guy with a huge heart.  He […]

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borrowed light…

The moon, the most brilliant object in the night sky…The last few nights it has been so close to us, it feels like you can just step outside, raise your arm, and touch it.  Last night (1/20/19), we experienced The Super Blood Wolf Moon. It was such a beautiful sight to gaze upon.  Despite the beauty of the Super Moon, the Moon can only remain humble.  The Moon is  dark and absent of its own […]

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but you should probably hurry…

Time is such a valuable resource, however not one that is renewable…

We all have a purpose; something we were created and designed to do.  We spend so much time thinking we have time, and before we know it, time is up! Where did the time go?

A Raisin in the Sun…

Lorraine Hansberry did what might have seemed unthinkable for a Black girl in 1959.  A successful play on Broadway, and she did so at 29-years old.  […]

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healing the sacred womb…

A year ago, I began my journey of healing.  I was well on my way from physically recovering from my hysterectomy, but I felt so lost inside of myself.  I did not recognize the woman in the mirror and I was unfamiliar with the range of new emotions I was experiencing.

Guided by 2 trusted friends, Alison and Araba, as well as some angelic spirits I encountered along the way, I began my journey of self-discovery.  […]

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…as we look toward Spring

It was the first day of Spring, March 2015. I was in New York and despite the season showing on the calendar, there was snow on the ground. Winter was desperately trying to hang on, but Spring had arrived. I was walking through a park on a path lined with trees, absent of their leaves. Sitting on a branch of one of those trees was a singing bird. Despite the frigid temperature, the bird was […]

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…laughter as medicine

Laughter is good for the soul! I have heard that so often that I have begun to take it for granted.

Naturally I love to laugh.  I freely laugh when I hear something funny or when someone does something silly in front of me.  There are times when I literally laugh until it hurts.  But laughter isn’t just good for your soul, it is good for your health as well.  According to Psychology Today magazine, laughter […]

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…spread it like a wild fire

My heart feels like it has been broken; again.  Over the past few day, more Black men have been murdered by police officers, and 5 police officers were gunned down while doing their job.  Every time the news comes on, we all hold our breath because we know there is something else.  Last month, innocents were lost because of the actions of 1 who struggled to accept himself, while hating who he was.  When will […]

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…an accidental lesson from my 14 year old daughter

This past evening, my daughter was helping me with my hair.  I could tell she was struggling to do what I had asked and so I asked if she was okay.  Her response was that she was having a difficult time seeing what to do because…”she was blocking her own light!” The moment she spoke those words I could almost sense that there was a lesson there for me.

Have I been blocking my own light?

Back […]

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…stronger together

While hiking with a group in Alaska, our guide advised us on what to do in case we encountered a bear.  He said that we were suppose to link our arms together so that we would appear larger than the bear.  When I think back on that advice, I realize how relevant that is to other areas in our lives.  When we link together , we become bigger than any obstacle we face.  […]

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…and so we shall gather

It really was a last moment decision based on a few random occurrences.  I met a woman on the day of the Orlando, Pulse Nightclub shooting, and although she tried desperately to connect with me, I ignored her because she made me feel uncomfortable.  I had a few friends with me and they helped ‘rescue’ me from the woman.  The next day I was told that she attempted suicide and she was not expected to […]

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